Do you ever get the wanderlust bug at a time when you either can’t afford a full holiday or simply don’t have the time for extended travel away from home? Weekend breaks are the answer.

Spend your weekend exploring a brand new city and creating memories that last a lifetime. Even if you only do this twice per year, the trip will be well worth it. What’s better than experiencing parts of the world you’ve never seen before?

And with that, here are the best cities for a weekend break across the globe.

Porto, Portugal

Porto city














Porto is a beautiful city that is often overshadowed by the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Porto definitely has a creative vibe and the weather is almost always perfect.

If you do stay in Porto, be sure to check out the local cuisine and visit some of the local tourist attractions. Football fans may enjoy a visit to Porto’s world-renowned football club, it’s always fun watching football matches from leagues you don’t see everyday on tv.

Paris, France

Eiffel towel in Paris














Paris is a classic destination for city breaks. If you’re planning on a more romantic getaway, Paris is definitely the place to go. Tickets can be relatively cheap and you can cross off the major Paris attractions during one weekend.

You could even drive to France via the Eurotunnel but that does eat into your relaxation time. If you’ve never taken a lift to the top of the Eiffel tower, that’s definitely one to cross off the bucket-list.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam city














A city filled with fun, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a lads holiday. The nightlife is incredible and there’s plenty of city to travel and explore. If you want to let your hair down and have some fun, Amsterdam should be at the top of your list.

Amsterdam has a laid-back atmosphere and is certainly a good change up from your routine. Give it a shot if you’ve never visited the city before.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

seaside in Dubrovnik













Dubrovnik is so underrated as a travel destination. The city is steeped in culture and there are more weekend beach parties than you’d find in Ibiza! The stunning beaches make for a relaxed trip and the sky blue seas really set the tone for the city.

Give Dubrovnik a shot if you’d like somewhere different to visit this year.

London, England

London tower bridge













You don’t need to travel abroad for an amazing city break when London is on your doorstep! Have you visited the capital’s best sites and attractions? Even if you’ve already seen the London Eye and Big Ben, it can be a great experience to just stay in a busy area of the capital and enjoy the city in all its glory.

You can also check out some of the historical theatres or perhaps go on a pub crawl through the capital. The options are endless!

Lyon, France

Lyon cityscape













Lyon offers something different from the more common French destinations which is why it’s been included on the list. Music, art and drama and paramount in France’s third largest city. You can also check out Lyon’s football stadium and some of the other tourist attractions.

Milan, Italy

Milan architecture













Milan is great as a weekend getaway and the flights aren’t too pricey too! There are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy some traditional Italian cuisine. Milan has also established itself as one of the top shopping destinations in the world but you can definitely still enjoy a more relaxed break in Milan.

Seville, Spain

Seville city














Seville is a picturesque city that should definitely be considered for a weekend break. Instead of visiting Spain’s most common tourist traps, why not try somewhere a little different? Seville enjoys temperatures in the high teens and boasts some truly incredible architecture.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy














Another Italian city makes the list, with Bologna offering some of Italy’s very best food. The best thing about Bologna is probably its geography. The city borders Florence, Rome and Milan which makes it the perfect place to stay while exploring a variety of Italian cultures.

Bologna has even been nicknamed the ‘junction of Italy’ due to the high volume of trains and traffic that pass through the city.


And that completes our list! Where is your next weekend break away?