Everyday shaving can be a hassle for the modern man, particularly when it comes to constantly renewing all your shaving creams, razors and other cosmetics. Cornerstone is a UK based shaving subscription box that was invented to get rid of this problem for good. There are a number of shaving subscription boxes on the market and Cornerstone is very well priced so we thought why not give it a try? Here is our honest review of the service.

The Box

The cornerstone shaving box arrived on time and it’s a pleasing little package to unwrap. There are different compartments for different products and information leaflets giving it a real premium feel. Everything is packaged extremely well. Of course, your box may differ depending on what products you order but we were very happy with what arrived at our door. What’s included in a Cornerstone shaving box? In short, you get to decide. We went for shaving cream, razor blades, the razor itself and some daily moisturiser. There was even an option to get the razor engraved with your initials which (obviously) we had to go for.

The Kit

I have to admit, the products were top quality. I wasn’t expecting it but the daily moisturiser ended up being my favourite product, it’s one of the best moisturisers I have ever used. Cornerstone have put a lot of effort into developing a revolutionary razor blade and that too was a joy to use. I believe our pack came with a pack of 6 blades which definitely lasts a while. You can stretch them out or replace each blade after a few uses for the optimal shave every time. I’m always clean shaved so I had high expectations for this blade and it’s definitely one of the closest shaves I’ve ever had. The razor itself has a pretty standard feel but does look incredible. The engraved initials really make it something special. Something you may notice is how light the blade feels. This may give the impression of lesser quality but it does allow you to easily glide around all areas of your face. It’s a hassle-free setup.  

The Shave

The shave was top-notch. I was very impressed with the razor blade and it’s definitely a premium product. The razor could have a better feel in your hand but it looks the part and gets the job done. Overall, you couldn’t ask for much more from a razor at this price point. To top it off, the pack of extra blades definitely lasts longer than a month! I’m sure you’ll end up building a surplus of these razors if you stay with Cornerstone for a long time. That means you can swap out the extra razor pack for other Cornerstone products in future boxes.

The Service

The service is high-quality. We didn’t really experience much of the customer service as we had no problems. The online platform is very user friendly. You get to swap in and swap out products for your upcoming box from a range of Cornerstone products. All the usual men’s cosmetics are included such as shaving creams, face washes, moisturisers, after shaves etc. My box ended up costing £16. This may seem pretty expensive but I couldn’t imagine needing to order another box for 2-3 months. It’s definitely going to last a while. If I do get three months of usage then that works out to just over £5 per month.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was really impressed by the whole package. The main selling point for this shaving subscription box is the quality of the shave and that’s something that can’t be argued with. You’ll struggle to find a better shave for cheaper than this. Also, who doesn’t want their initials on a razor?

Hopefully that gives you some more info to help decide if Cornerstone is the subscription box for you. I’d definitely recommend you give it a go, the service is extremely easy to cancel if it’s not for you. Happy shaving.