For a part of our body that’s so important, we really don’t look after our tongues all that well. Sure, we keep our mouths clean and healthy with toothpaste and mouthwash but it’s time to add a new product to our grooming arsenal, the tongue scraper!

Your tongue is responsible for all the beautiful food you get to taste and experience so it definitely deserves some one-on-one time. The tongue scraper may be a new cleaning tool in our eyes but other cultures have used similar oral hygiene practices since the ancient times. Here are the main benefits of adding a tongue scraper to your morning routine.

It Improves Your Appearance

This is the #1 benefit any grooming product can give you. All of us sometimes develop a sticky film on the top of our tongues caused by debris that is deposited by the digestive system. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural! You’ll probably agree that it doesn’t look that great though. A tongue scraper will keep your tongue nice and debris-free which will stop this film from ever developing.

It Beats Your Toothbrush

You probably use a standard toothbrush to clean your tongue right now. I’m sorry to break the news, but a toothbrush simply isn’t good enough at cleaning your tongue. The bristles just aren’t built to deal with the strange, flexible surface of a tongue. A tongue scraper is a much sturdier tool allowing it to unearth and remove all the bacteria hidden along the surface of your tongue.

What does all this mean? No more bad breath! Removing all this previously untouched bacteria from your mouth will leave you with breath fresher than ever.

Tongue Scraping Takes Seconds

Let’s be honest, normal dental care isn’t exactly time-consuming. It probably takes you two minutes to brush your teeth and grab a swig of mouthwash at the moment. The good news is, a tongue scraper will add approximately 20 seconds to that routine.

How do you use a tongue scraper? You simply move the scraper towards the back of your tongue, push down, and pull all the way back. Complicated, right? You then need to repeat this process until the scrape is perfectly clean. (The first time you try this is probably going to be pretty eye-opening… and gunky).

It’s Perfect For Your Travel Bag

I’m guessing you probably don’t take your full grooming kit with you every time you travel somewhere new. You take the essentials and make do with what’s available in the place you’re staying. The great thing about a tongue scraper is how small and compact the item actually is. You can easily slip a scraper into your travel bag and take it absolutely anywhere, even if you’re off for a low-luggage camping trip. It’s not like a tongue scraper is going to break the bank if it goes missing either, you can get one on Amazon for less than a fiver.

Overall, we’re big fans of the tongue scraper and I’m definitely going to add it to my routine and give it a try. What are your thoughts – is it something you’d use or do you think it’s just another fad? Either way, at least you understand a little more about the tongue scraper and why more and more people are using this new grooming gadget.