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The long-awaited Suzuki GSX-R125 has finally arrived and it’s set to liven up the world of sporty 125cc motorcycles. Even if you hold a full UK bike license and you’re more accustomed to bigger engine bikes, this machine should still bring a smile to your face.

But does the bike live up to the hype? Below is a full GSX-R125 review including build quality, economy, competitors and more.

Key Features

15bhp (learner legal)
Engine Size
Fuel Economy
122.82 mpg
Current Price
£4099 (base model)


There’s no doubt that this sports bike replica looks the part. It has the classic blue GSX colour scheme so you’ll definitely stand out on the street. The bike is entering a tough 125 market with big competition from the likes of Honda (CBR125) and Yamaha (YZF-R125) so the motorcycle’s looks needs to speak for itself.


The GSX125 puts down the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. This creates an extremely fun ride with very sharp acceleration. Other standard 125cc motorcycles will struggle to compete with this power.

The engine is a single-cylinder motor which feels surprisingly smooth for such a busy engine. The bike is so lightweight that power doesn’t feel much of an issue, it’s perfect for filtering through traffic and overtaking slower vehicles.

The best thing about the engine is the sound. It’s a lovely sounding bike that is compliant with the latest exhaust laws – no need for an aftermarket system on this one. Gear shifts are perfectly smooth which is what you want from a sports bike like this. Moving into first gear from neutral can sometimes be a pain but with a little time, you’ll get used to the system.

Build Quality

The Suzuki GSX-R125 is visually stunning with high-quality paintwork that should stand the test of time (barring any incidents). Reliability is yet to be proven but the bike seems to be built with the quality products you’d expect to see on a Suzuki sports bike. With the price this bike retails at, it needs to be built to Suzuki standard!

Running Costs

The bike itself is priced around £4000 brand new. It’s the higher end of the 125cc bracket but this is around the price that all the sports bike in this class retail for. The bike is around £600 cheaper than the Aprilia R125, for example. In addition, the Suzuki looks a lot sharper and is more high tech than most of these alternatives.

All 125cc engines are economical, even the sports variants. That’s what makes these learner legal motorcycles so attractive. Att 100+ mile per gallon, fuel costs aren’t going to be an issue. One thing to note is that if you do drop this bike or damage the bodywork then the repairs won’t come cheap.

What’s Is The GSX-R125 Like To Ride?

As you’d expect, the Suzuki has a firm ride that gives you the confidence to get your knee down. Don’t worry though, the bike is built to deal with UK roads with the ride being more forgiving over potholes and bumps. The tires will see you through warm and wet weather without issue.

The bike as a whole feels very sharp and responsive. The brakes are fine-tuned and the handling is a joy to experience. As well as the new engine, this Suzuki has been rebuilt with weight loss as the main goal and you can really feel this when riding – it’s unbelievably light and easy to maneuver!

Even if you’re approaching 6-foot two or three, this bike should still feel pretty comfortable to sit on and the riding position provides plenty of road view which a beginner definitely needs.

Our Verdict

With this level of agility, performance and comfort it’s hard not to love the new Suzuki. It’s a great little machine that packs a punch on the street. It’s the top of the range when it comes to power and many would say it’s the best looking of the 125cc sports bikes on the market. Despite all that, this isn’t a machine that’s going to intimidate the young riders it will undoubtedly attract. Overall, we’re big fans.

So that’s our roundup of the brand new Suzuki GSX-R125. Of course, there are plenty of options available when it comes to 125cc sports bikes and your favourite will really come down to personal taste. There is no doubt that the Suzuki has lived up to expectations and is a strong contender for the new rider’s first venture into sports bikes.